What Is SIL Housing?

Supported Independent Living Housing

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living, (sometimes called “shared accommodation”) is a style of living whereby an individual receives support or supervision throughout daily tasks that they might find challenging. How to live independently with a disability can be a concern for individuals who live with an impairment. Unlike traditional care homes, supported independent living aims to help an individual with disabilities live in the most self-sufficient way possible, developing key skills without removing their independence.

An NDIS support where a person with disabilities can live with others with access to a whole lot of support from daily tasks, personal care to learning life skills!

Our SIL Housing

At United For Care, we are committed to providing a tailored experience for every individual that lives with us in our supported accommodation. As an SIL provider, we offer short or medium term accommodation and specialised disability accommodation packaged with care services that aim to maintain and ultimately develop your independence.

NDIS and supported independent living

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding to help eligible individuals with funding supported independent living. Funding does not include rental costs, but rather the services that are provided within the supported living home. These services include: carers, supervisors and other independent living needs.

If you are looking to secure NDIS funding for supported housing services, find out more about whether you are eligible in our SIL NDIS guide.

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How Do I Get SIL Funding?

The Easy Process!
Call us on 1300 405 260 to speak with one of our friendly staff!

Meet with Us

Meet with one of our friendly managers to discuss your needs.

Get A Budget Plan

Our manager will help you create a budget for the services that will help you.

Getting Approved

The budget is submitted to NDIS for approval.

Moving In!

Once approved, you are ready to move into your new home!

Receiving Services

Start receiving services to help you live independently.

How It Works

SIL can be used in your own home, your parents home or in supported living shared accommodation of between 2 and 7 people, according to your needs and preferences. Shared accommodation is often preferable for social and financial reasons.

Careful consideration is given to the needs of all NDIS SIL participants in a shared home and your compatibility with the other residents. Get in touch today and our team would be happy to assist in helping you choose the most appropriate SIL for your individual circumstances.

Taking The Step

Supported Independent living is a goal that many of our clients aspire to and can bring more freedom and more personal responsibility for their own life. If you are interested in SIL make a point of raising the topic at your NDIS planning meetings.

Be aware that it can take a while to transition from supported home living to supported independent living. The journey may need a sequence of skill training sessions to ensure a smooth passage.

United For Care can assist you with all facets of this process. Please get in touch.

What Support Is Given?

SIL Features and Services


We will help find a home that caters to your needs, making sure you can enjoy your say and company.

24/7 Support

Depending on you particular needs 24/7 is available for meeting the necessities of life in your own home or a shared house.

Money Management

You can have support for all matters relating to money, budgeting, paying bills and saving.

Household Care

Supervision of or completion of housework – bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, floor washing, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, laundry, yard care and more!

Food Management

We can help you plan your meals, and prepare and cook them in your own or shared accommodation.

Personal Care

You can be supported in personal care like showing, dressing and hair grooming.


You can get support to get you out of the house for a trip to the shops.

Skills Training

You can have ongoing skill's development to help you achieve your independence goals!

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Supported Independent Living FAQs

SIL refers to personal support during daily tasks given to an individual who may otherwise find this difficult due to a disability. The level of support given varies depending on the circumstances and the aim is to maintain or increase independence.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) encourages individuals to live independently by offering only support on supervision as necessary. Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA), is a specialist housing solution for individuals who have a more severe or complex disability and will need high levels of support.

If you are looking to access NDIS funding, the expectation is that you will not need supported independent living accommodation until you are 18 years of age. At United For Care, we offer SIL solutions in your parents home or your own home, so if you would like to find out more about support for individuals of any age, get in touch.

If you are 18+, head to our NDIS page to find out more about eligibility requirements.