What is Support Coordination?

Finding the support you need at United For Care

Living with a disability can be very challenging. But, for many Australians, government support is available. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was put in place by the Australian federal government to help disabled people in every aspect of their lives.

It’s important to give those with disabilities more autonomy and independence when trying to shape their own support and care policies, and many receive help from a specialist support coordinator for NDIS.


What is an Support Coordinator?

A support coordinator is someone who can use their knowledge and expertise to help work with those who have disabilities and want to take their lives forward in the best possible way. These specialists are trained in NDIS, and they understand every part of the process, which helps when working out how you can get the support you need.

How can a Support Coordinator help You?

Finding the right help is not always easy. There is a lot of information to go through, and it can be a bit overwhelming to deal with on your own. Getting help from professionals who know what they are doing is a tremendous resource.

With a knowledgeable coordinator by your side, you will find it much easier to make the most of the support available to you. They can teach you how to access and use the online portal, so you have direct access to your information and funding, as well as helping you to prepare for the next NDIS meeting.

What Kind of Support is Available?

A Support Coordinator will really help you get the most out of the available support. Some available kinds of support include:

Financial Support

Support is available to get you on track with your own finances.

Emotional & Mental

Emotional and mental health is vital and managing this is a challenge for everyone, but help is available.

Mobility Support

Getting help with transport to ensure that you stay engaged with your activities and social groups.

Workplace Support

The purpose of this support is for individuals to find and keep employment.

Equipment Acquisition

This support is aimed to ensure that you have suitable mobility equipment and vehicle modifications.

What is the Process with a Support Coordinator?

A matter of small steps that we take with you.
Call us on 1300 405 260 to speak with one of our friendly staff!

Meet with Us

We will introduce you to one of our Support Coordinators.

Discuss Your Needs

Discuss your needs and find out what support you are entitled to.

Develop a Plan

You will be guided by the coordinator to develop a plan for your personal needs.

Accessing Support

The Coordinator will help you implement the plan and access the funds!

Receiving Support

Start receiving support to help you live independently!

What Are You Waiting For?

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