What is United For Care Transportation?

Sydney Suburbs Transportation Support

UNITED FOR CARE offers a reliable and high-quality disability transport service in Sydney’s Suburbs. We have been providing this service for over 10 years and our drivers are qualified and experienced carers who take great care in helping people move around the suburbs and even longer trips within Sydney.

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Transportation Features

Our vehicles are fully equipped to take you to your destination with optimal comfort and safety.

Air Conditioning

All our vehicles will be temperature and humidity moderated for your comfort.

Safety Features

Our vehicles come equipped with suitable seat belts and airbags for any special seating/wheelchair required.


Our vehicles are wheelchair accessible with lift mechanisms installed to make boarding an ease.

Trusted Drivers

Be confident you will arrive at your community event, the shops, or other destination!

United For Care Drivers

The drivers who work for UNITED FOR CARE will always ensure that you arrive safe and sound at your destination. Assisted Transport Services that is Safe and Reliable.

We Cater to You

Whether you are a NDIS participant or a NDIS provider, we are happy to work together to assist with all transportation requirements. So get in touch with us about your needs today and we will cater to your specific care requirements.

What Are You Waiting For?

Take the 1st step and talk to one of our Housing & Disability Community Care Team today!


Building quality supports through disability services


Staff carry integrity as a core value


Utilising innovative technologies for quality improvement


Safety is our concern
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